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All interactions are respectful and non-judgmental. I do not diagnose disease or provide treatment advice for any medical condition. Diagnosis and treatment are beyond the health coach scope of practice.

The information contained on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. In view of the complex, individual nature of health and fitness problems, the information and suggestions on this website are not intended to replace the advice of trained medical professionals. All matters regarding one’s health require medical supervision. A physician should be consulted prior to adopting any program or programs described on this website or any of the resources listed on this website. The contents of this website are based on what the author has found to be helpful to her health problems and personal situation. The creator and publisher disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of the information on this website.


The information on this website is not intended to make recommendations related to getting on or off prescription or over-the-counter medication. If you face any current health concerns, or are currently taking medication, it is always recommended to seek the advice of your physician before starting a new health care program. Only your medical doctor can prescribe drugs or tell you to get off drugs. The role of the author is to make you aware of the hazards of poor lifestyle decisions while helping you to create optimum function and healing in your body. In time, you must begin to judge for yourself whether your medications are keeping you alive, merely treating the symptoms of the illness not the root cause of the illness. In some instances, the medication may be causing some of the ailments you suffer from. With the guidance of your prescribing physician, you need to make your own best decisions on medication.


As you heal, work with your medical doctors to help you reduce or eliminate the drugs you’re on. The information on this website is intended to be educational and should not replace consultation with a competent healthcare professional. This website is intended to be used in conjunction with responsible health care supervised by a healthcare professional. This website is not liable for any misuse of the material contained in therein.

The products listed on this website are not endorsements. These products have proven to be beneficial in the personal health and lifestyle of the creators of this website.

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